Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lab Results

Hi everyone!
Had a trip to the rheumatologist today.  Dr. Small is a great doctor.  I got right in, and he took a lot of time with me, explaining the blood test results.  There were some test levels he was looking for:  S-somethings...that were low, which was good.  If the level was high, then there could be a potential for lymphoma in the future, if it is sjögren's.  A lot of if's there!  My level is low, so no worries. 

On the other hand, my creatinine level was a bit elevated.  They want to keep an eye on that, as it can determine if there is kidney involvement.  The normal levels are .06-1.0 for women.  Mine was up a little...1.2.  It's nothing to get anxious about...just to be aware.  He told me to just make sure that I don't take any medicine that could damage my kidney.  Oops...I've been taking Advil once a day in the last couple of days for the lip pain!  So he gave me a prescription for a different kind of pain reliever that doesn't contain NSAIDs.  He said it should help with the muscle and joint pain, also.  He gave me a paper about Plaquenil, the prescription that he may give me if I do have sjögren's.  He told me to look it over and see if I have any questions.  What a difference!  I haven't had ANY doctor do that before!

My weight was down, and he was pleased about that.  I honestly think I'm going to patent this diet and call it "The Lip Biopsy Diet"!  Nothing but pudding, ice cream and shakes....  Sound good?  Give it a couple of days, and the thought of milk products will make you want to run for the hills!!  :)  Soooo....if I hear of anyone going ahead of me and copyrighting the diet...I'll be seeing you for my royalty check!!  ;)
I go back on the 4th of August for the results of the biopsy.  If nothing new develops before then, I'll update you in a couple of weeks!

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